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Dual Station Seam Welder Automation System

Automatic Dual Seam Welding Systems

MITUSA dual station automatic seam welder eliminates wait time for loading and unloading seam welded parts. This programmable automated seam welder system is designed for high volume longitudinal seam welding. The automatic seam welder operates with our full function welding sequencer controller.

Custom designed linear automatic seam welding systems come with seamer bed lengths from 1 foot to 3 feet. Our dual station seam welder system is perfect for high volume automatic weld seaming of parts application. This UWC weld control allows the operator to switch easily between seam welding different part sizes. A simple selection change on the seamer PLC welding control and the automatic seam welding machine is set for the next part.

Our company can design an automated welding seamer system for your seam welding fabrication. When you need a special engineered seam welder, call MITUSA. MITUSA has knowledgeable people who know seam welding. We understand seam welding machines and equipment. We have been manufacturing seam welders in our facility for over 20 years.

Not only that, providing engineered custom seam welder designs for all types of seam welding applications. Give us a call with your seam weld fabricating challenge. Let us help you with a custom seam welding machine solution.

Dual Station Seam Welder System

Dual Station Automatic Seam Welder System