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Standard ERGO Weld Seamer Line

ERGO LSW 1' - 4' Standard Bench Model Seam Welders - Made In The USA In stock, For Sale 1-8 Week Lead Time

The ERGO weld seamers are designed to deliver high levels of accuracy using linear rails. Whereas traditional units use less precise rack and pinion track setups with cam followers. Our ERGO seamer precision linear rails are used to move the seam beam carriage over the clamped seam weld joint. Our new ERGO seamers uses new technology design for a quality affordable seam welder system.

Linear track provides a much stronger hold and gives you the free travel with your travel carriage. The track is machined to a 0.005-inch straightness tolerance, so that the seam will be as close to straight as possible. This allows side beam travel carriages more mounted equipment weight without concerns about the carriage teetering or tottering on the side beam.

Added strength allows the welding power source to be mounted on the side beam transport welding carriage seamer system.

  • Convenient, easy to read air module controls on front with operator buttons and lights.
  • Low voltage motors for safety.
  • One primary power connection.
  • Simple track alignment.
  • MAGA 1, Single box electric control of process operator does not need to search which box and button to push, or turn.
  • Foot switch activation of clamping fingers.
  • Programmable home position, travel, and weld length.
  • Low profile, easy to move unit as weld cell changes.
  • Power source, water recirculator mounted on carriage.

Our ERGOnomic design principles makes the operatorís job easy with this compact longitudinal seam welder. The ERGO seamers have a unique tabletop design containing a clamping finger mechanism providing uniform and consistent hold down alignment. The water cooled mandrel feature keeps the back up bar and part the optimal temperature cooling the weld joint area eliminating weldment heat deformation.

The retractable edge alignment devices assist the operator in aligning the part over the centerline of the backup bar groove.  Linear rails are mounted to the top and bottom of the fabricated track, allowing the TC-ERGO side beam carriage to travel smoothly via four bearing blocks. The carriage has a series of 3/8 inch - 6 x 2 1/2 predrilled holes, tapped to make mounting alignment tool easy.

ERGO simple air bag replacement design takes minutes. During MIG (GMAW) welding process some weld splatter in the seamer bed area  will find openings over time. UV light and weld spatter from the arc welding process eventually requires the air bags replacement.

Replacement of the air bags is not a daily occurrence, the needed maintenance takes place based on the welding process. On older traditional seamers it is time consuming to replace air bags. In some cases removing all of the spring-loaded fingers which is a cumbersome job. Replacing the airbags can take hours. On the ERGO seamers it now takes minutes to replace the bladder air bags.

ERGO seam welding units are standard built, up to 4 feet for sale at our facility in Huntington Park California. We can have seam welders set up with the welding process in 2-8 weeks delivery based on model. Call 323.312.2002 or email us for pricing and delivery details.

Need a welding control? We have the MAGA-1 and MAG-2 PLC control that simplify the welding process.

ERGO seamers are our job shop design standard seam welders design. Our standard Digital seam welder line of products is in stock now as well. Contact us for product information.

The ERGO LSW Model Seamers come in 2 ft to 4ft sizes. We have some sizes in stock, lead time 1-8 weeks.

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