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MITUSA Inc engineers linear welding seamers, custom or standard model designs. External, internal, combination, longitudinal weld seamer designs from 1 foot to 28 feet length. Part diameter ranges from 1 inch up to what your application requires using risers. Upgrade to a MITUSA seam welder custom engineered for your part welding seams fabrication requirement.

Our ergonomic weld seamers use durable linear rails with bearing blocks for a smooth seam weld is made along the clamped joint. Our design gives the track a strong hold and allows free travel of the side beam carriage. Applications for linear seamers are tank seam welds, cylindrical parts, tubes, pipe or cylinders. Some formed boxes, square or rectangle parts can be seam welded along the clean cut butted joint based on metal thickness.

Our welding controls working in concert with seamer carriage as it travels on the side beams linear rails. Using two 24 VDC motor controllers one for the carriage and the other for the captison drive wire feeder. These devices deliver accurate encoder feedback for precision smooth carriage speed control on the linear rails.

Our arc seamer design delivers strength and accuracy during the linear seam welding process. Allowing all needed welding equipment to be mounted on the side beam carriage tool. Resulting in less tangled wires reducing the need to maintain longer control cables. Keeping the weld control and power supply together within easy access for the operator. Complete ergonomic access to welding controllers on all of our linear welding seams equipment.

The linear travel track is machined to a 0.005-in straightness tolerance so that the seam weld is as straight as possible based on the joint preparation. Precision weld seamers are designed for longitudinal welding of all types of butted metals with 100% penetration welds. The ergonomic welding seamer base is extra-wide to accommodate a hydraulic scissor lift. Parts are loaded and unloaded without any obstacles in the way. No cranes or chains are required to smoothly guide the part into position for the seam welding the clamped joint.

MITUSA wanted to make our seamer welding machine designed with an ergonomic maintenance. Time consuming air bladder bag replacement now takes only minutes not hours. Our swivel opening seamer bed ends and replacement tool were one of our company's many ideas for keeping your linear seam welder machines easily maintained..

Our company has a full engineering and fabrication departments. We produce custom designed seam welding machines for your metal joint weld seam applications. We build all of our products in our facility in Huntington Park, California, USA.

We install all major welding equipment manufacture's, controls,  welding equipment and machines of your choice. Consultation is required based on seam welding application requirements.

Need a welding sequence control and system controllers? Look at our MAGA-1 and MAGA-2 PLC welding controls.

Call us for details on weld seamer replacement parts or retrofit your older seamer welders!!

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