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MAGA Welding Sequencer Controllers

MAGA PLC Weld Sequence Control - Welding Controls

Our two controls MAGA-1 and MAGA-2 are complete system seam weld sequence controls. Multiple options controls to meet the needs of most fixed arc welding automation equipment requirements. Replacement for an out dated seam weld control on your older seamer. These are all in one automated welding controls and weld sequence function control. All in one powerful welding system controller. MAGA weld controls have some different levels of welding sequence controllers options available based on welding machines application.

Designed for process control of GTAW, SAW, GMAW, and PAW welding processes. A single arc welding control is all you need for complete welding automated system function controller. Example when applied to GTAW you get one, single control panel for the power source, the wire feeder, the travel Carriage speed and the ALC arc height or voltage control. The need for an operator to access all the separate control boxes to engage and dial in are eliminated. Our weld sequence controls are simple to operate and program.

The MAGA-2 PLC weld controller has a 256 x 64 pixel LCD graphics display/keypad arrangement on the front panel for easy access by the operator. The internal memory capacity offers 32 user selectable weld schedules. Access by the Operator to specific clamping and welding parameters can be isolated during initial set up via a laptop computer interface. The MAGA-1 embedded micro controller has 3 each 0-30 VDC programmable outputs, 7 each solid state isolated relay outputs, and 6 each 24VDC optically isolated inputs. This makes a powerful arc welding sequence control. Perfect for the whole weld sequencer and system operation in one weld sequencing control for a complete system.

The unit also contains a MAGA-1 PLC welding control with 250 lines of programmable logic. This allows sequencing of the fingers via air logic as well as a mandrel safety circuit. A typical longitudinal seam welder application Using GTAW would use two of the 24 VDC motor Controllers - one for the carriage and the other for the captison drive wire feeder. These devices deliver accurate encoder feedback for speed control.


MAGA-1 and MAGA-2 PLC Welding System Control Spec Sheet

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