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RTU Robot Transport Units - Linear Transfer Units

Precision Linear Movement for Robotic Applications The MITUSA Robot Transport Units (RTU) are ideal for all your robot transport requirements. Designed and built in the USA the RTU robotic transfer systems can be utilized on your welding, material handling, painting or part positioning application.

The MITUSA unit is the quickest to assemble RTU operation using our newest technology. We have 12 different length planers in house, which makes us ideally suited to meet your requirements for travel length. All robotic transfer units and other welding automation are build in our facility in Southern California for reliable on-time delivery.

Our RTU units are built in the USA for fast delivery. Manufactured for your durable RTU robot linear handling transfer unit customized movement applications.

Precision Linear Transport Robotic Units - RTU

Customized Robot Transfer Unit Systems RTU

  • One Piece Construction up to 40 ft
  • Interface for any robotic manufactured system.
  • One Piece Helical Rack and Pinion Design
  • High tolerance quality track alignment.
  • Repeatability within .010.
  • Built in house for on time delivery.
  • 12 quality planers for 40 ft of precision machining.
  • Custom RTU building capabilities all in one place.
  • Programmable home position, travel, and weld length.
  • Low profile, easy to move unit as weld cell changes.
  • Precision tolerance linear robotic transfer unit.

RTU Longitudinal Welding Manipulator Precision Travel Transfer Units

Our linear transfer systems are designed to move anything from robots to a unitized manipulator travel car places into the exact position. The RTU is repeatable to .010 location of the unit's position. The MITUSA linear - longitudinal travel transport unit is built to our or your custom specifications. Transport your parts or robot as you need. All of our products are Made In The USA at our facility for quick delivery of your RTU transfer unit applications in weeks.

PDF Robot Transfer Track Spec Sheet