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Using up to 14,000 pounds of force between a steel roll and the supported part the seam weld nugget is cold worked and reduced in size by the pressure of the roll weld planisher harden steel roll against the solid mandrel.. Perfect to planishing weld seams on tube or pipe. This weld finish process can eliminate the weld into a seamless welded part. Weld seam planishing increases the weld's strength. Little need for time consuming grinding, while producing a better looking appearance.

The Roll Gantry Planisher uses a 6 inch/152mm diameter steel roll to flatten and eliminate the weld crown. The wheel is mounted to a travel carriage where an air ram pump exerts pressure between the part and planisher roll. The welded part is mounted on the mandrel where it remains stationary during the planishing operation. Engineered to provide many part shapes and sizes can be planished using a combination of different wheel surface profiles or support mandrel geometries.

The motorized planisher gantry carriage travels on four linear rail bearing blocks. Powered by a 2 Hp electric motor, the carriage contains an 8 inch/203mm stroke air ram pump. The hand wheel is used to adjust the ramís travel. Our gantry weld planisher has special control panel plus operator safety screen made of expanded metal.

Weld Planishers are some of the most useful tools to improve welds cosmetic appearance as well improving the welded metal joint's strength. Welding planishers are often used from everything from aerospace parts and devices to common stainless kitchen sinks. 

MITUSA, Inc. Weld Planisher designs are for carbon, aluminum, stainless welded metal weld bean crown removal. Our company offers standard gantry and longitudinal welding planishers. Or let our engineering group design one for your special welding fabrication application. Planishing is best on thinner gage metals, let us know your planishing fabrication application needs, we can help.

Our company or related companies have been building welding planishers for over 20 years.

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Gantry PLanisher, Programable Welding Planisher

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