Welding Automation Machines and Equipment Systems Made In USA!!

MITUSA, Inc. Automated Welding Systems | Made In The USA

An American Manufacturer of standard and custom engineered, mechanized welding automation equipment and machines. Knowledgeable experienced people in all aspects of metal processing including welding fabrication, machining and special engineering of custom arc welding systems. Our staff is dedicated to helping solve your automated welding challenge. With over 200 years of combined experience with automatic welding machines and equipment.

Engineering Fixed Welding Automation Equipment and Machine Builder

MITUSA manufactures a new diversified line of circumferential girth lathe welders and longitudinal seam welding systems with digital welding automation system sequence controls. Including weld seamers, planishers, welding sidebeams, RTU linear transfer units and welding manipulators. Our company is an welding automation machine builder which includes a complete fabrication and machine shop to produce our automation sub assemblies for many different industries worldwide! We build and engineer complete linear welding systems at our facility. Email or call us to help you automate and simplify your welding applications with an standard or custom seamer solutions!

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