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About Us | Our Name Says It All, Made In The USA

MITUSA is an American Manufacturer of automatic welding machines and equipment. Standard and custom systems, including arc welding and planishing machines.

MITUSA arc welding automation systems are complemented by the world's finest seamers, manipulators, programmable welding system controllers, precision RTU transport units, side beams and special material handling and mechanized hard welding fixture tooling.

Challenge us with your demanding automated welding and planishing applications!!

Our experienced staff is knowledgeable in engineering and manufacturing in the USA all aspects of designing, building and assembling complete welding automation systems. We control all aspects of manufacturing our automated welding system from the ground up to completion at Huntington Park California facility. We have support personal across the USA.

We have over 200 years of combined experience in manufacturing welding automation machines and equipment. We have provided fabricated and machined sub-assemblies as well as complete automated systems to many different industries worldwide!

Our company's facility will build your special custom designed welding application machine. We have a complete machine shop and fabrication facility to provide high quality built machines for customer’s applications. Contact us for your application challenge.

MITUSA is the leader in the newest welding positioning equipment technology. We are all about easy with ergonomic engineering making the welding positioning process safe. The new state of the art MITUSALATOR Universal welding manipulator design has revolutionized boom and column combination. Ships with boom installation on the column with a pivot swivel into production ready position.

It's all about ergonomics and the operator safety when producing your parts...

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