Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets The objective of this library is to show and explain our high quality equipment as much as possible. We have one objective which is to help and support our customers with their challenges and our proven solutions. Highlighting this way in a precise matter the uniqueness and benefits of our equipment. Please […]

Gantry Planisher

Gantry, Table Top and Longitudinal Planishers Small diameter tubular parts like bellows are perfect for our weld Planisher designs. Perfect for thin tube planishing applications where strength and weld bead blending is specified. Special custom planishing machines for small diameter thin gauge metal bellows or tubes. Planisher Applications Stainless Food Handling Equipment Dairy Equipment Bellows […]

Longitudinal Planisher

Longitudinal Planishers Planishers roller pressure between the mandrel tooling are used for increasing the final weld strength. Additionally it provides smooth blending of the weld crown into the base metal material.Planishing welds is used to eliminate the costly time-consuming manual grinding and polishing labor, and material costs currently now used to finish seam welds. Linear […]

Digital Automated Seam Welder

DTS Digital TIG Seamer Welder Integrated Programmable Linear Weld Seaming Equipment DTS Digital TIG Seamer System is designed as an affordable fully programmable seam welder system. This complete seam welding machine is used for seam weld joints on cylinders, cones, boxes, stainless steel sheets, tubes or bellows. Single button starts the seam weld sequence process. […]


Training MITUSA Inc.’s team is knowledgeable and dedicated with hundreds of years of experience to help solve your company’s most challenging mechanized welding automation system issues. We encourage customers to visit our facility to get hands-on training on their specific system prior to shipment. We can document performance and equipment set up using in-house video […]

Plasma Seam Welder

OD / ID Welding Seamer Combination Internal or External Plasma Seam Welder Design Unique dedicated micro plasma seam welder design type with part material welding as thin as .009. Standard as well as custom plasma arc seam welder systems for micro plasma melt in mode or 100% penetration keyhole plasma welding applications. Internal and external […]

Automatic Seam Welders

Dual Station Seam Welder Automation System Automatic Dual Seam Welding Systems MITUSA dual station automatic seam welder eliminates wait time for loading and unloading seam welded parts. This programmable automated seam welder system is designed for high volume longitudinal seam welding. The automatic seam welder operates with our full function welding sequencer controller. designed […]


Company MITUSA Inc., is a highly qualified American based manufacturer of engineered precision fixed welding automation tool builder and designer in addition to material handling systems with strong and broad experience in house handcrafted manufacturing capabilities of welding fabrication, machining and engineering of standard and custom automatic linear arc welding systems designs, including part material […]

Rebuild Retrofits

Retrofit Seamer Rebuilds In some cases, a new seam welder would be nice to have but cost prohibitive. Many times, it would make more sense and be more cost-effective for your ROI to update your old welding seamer with an up-to-date weld controller such as our MAGA-1. We can also perform any electrical or mechanical […]

Planisher Machines – Longitudinal Planishers

Planisher Equipment Planishers uses up to 20,000 pounds of pressure between the hard steel roller with the tooling mandrel support to smooth the weld crown and strengthen the seam weld bead. The intense force between the hardened steel roll and tool steel mandrel eliminates the seam weld bead by blending it into the base metal. […]