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DTS Digital TIG Seamer Welder

Automatic TIG  Seam Welding Machines. Integrated Programmable Linear Weld Seaming Equipment.

DTS Digital TIG Seamer System is designed as an affordable fully programmable seam welder system. This complete seam welding machine is used for seam weld joints on cylinders, cones, boxes, stainless steel sheets, tubes or bellows. Automated seam welding equipment for any budget.

Single button starts the seam weld sequence process. Easy operator control of welder and seamer. From start of mechanized weld seaming process to the stop and torch retract, linear beam travel carriage returns home ready for next part.

The DTS cost effective (TIG) GTAW seamer system is like no other automatic TIG seam welder system on the market today. This complete longitudinal seam weld system is a cost effective fully integrated linear rail side beam seam welder system.

Perfect for thin gauge high alloy metals such as bellows where sloping up and down the current is critical at the start and stop of the seam welding process. Everything is handled directly through the DTS control. Once the part is loaded the operator can simply push a single button to start and stop the complete clamping, travel and welding process with our DTS weld sequence controller.

MITUSA digital automatic system will fit the budget of all shops needing to seam weld fabricate sheet plate, cylinders, cones and all unique GTAW (TIG) arc weld seaming application.

Our DTS uses a single input power cable connection. The automated weld seaming system requires a single 220/440 Volt input cable. The one cable powers the DTS Digital TIG Seam Welder system operation. This powers weld controller, AVC, Cold Wire Feeder, Xiris weld camera options on the complete Miller Dynasty welder family of GTAW power supplies from 210 to 800amps.

Features include. Seamer bed edge alignment devices, mandrel donut length part stop locator. Providing faster part length change out time improving productivity. Copper fingertips, back bar inserts are standard. Water cooled mandrel and gas purge inserts offer cooling and gas purge options.

DTS Seam Welder Options

  • AVC Arc Length Control
  • Cold Wire Feeder System
  • Welding Oscillator Control
  • Xiris Arc View Weld Camera System
  • Bolt on size base riser design
  • Stainless or Aluminum Bed Tooling
  • Continuous Fingertips
  • Thru-Arc Seam Tracking
  • CWT Arc Monitoring System
  • Too many other options to list call us!

    DTS mechanized arc welding system models may include a Dynasty welding power supply, cold wire feeder, AVC, Xiris welding camera and DTS universal weld system controller. All welding equipment is carried on durable linear side beam rails on a carriage side beam. Excluding 800 amp Dynasty welders. Like all MITUSA seamers the DTS has the easy air bag bladder replacement feature invented by our company.

    DTS Model Digital TIG Seamer System Sizes

  • DTS-S12 1' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 12"
  • DTS-S24 2' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 24"
  • DTS-S36 3' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 36"
  • DTS-S48 4' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 48"
  • DTS-S60 5' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 60"
  • DTS-S72 6' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 72"
  • DTS-S84 7' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 84"
  • DTS-S96 8' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 96"
  • DTS-S120 10' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 120"
  • DTS-S144 12' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 144"
  • DTS-S168 14' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 68"
  • DTS-S192 16' Digital TIG Seamer GTAW 192"
  • Custom Designed Digital TIG Weld Seamer Systems

    Digital Seam Welding Sequence Controller

    DTS Automated TIG Seam Welder System Controller

    MITUSA DTS digital universal welding sequence system controller. This allows the operator compete control of the mechanized welding process and welding seamer system operation. Every aspect of the weld seam process is handled with the DTS PLC welding process control.

    DTS Universal Automated Weld Sequence System Controller

    DTS Weld Sequence control allows operator complete Dynasty power supply interface, such as up slope/down slope current if needed. The DTS interfaces with all weld process controls like AVC Arc length control, cold wire feeder control, Xiris welding cameras as well as travel carriage speed control forward and reverse.

    Custom linear weld seamers solutions are "Out of the Box Engineering". Present us your seam welding challenge for a MITUSA seam welding system solution.

  • Automatic DTS Seam Welding System
    Automatic DTS Seam Welding System

    Cold Wire Feeder Wire Attachment
    Cold Wire Feeder Director

    Sheet Plate Seamer Alignment Device
    Sheet Plate Seamer Alignment Device.

    Seam Welder Bed Part Stop Locator
    Seam Welder Bed Part Stop Locator

    .DTS Digital Tig Seam Welder FABTECH 2019 with Leo
    DTS TIG Seam Welder and Leo

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