Automated Longitudinal Seam Welders Proudly Made In USA

ERGO Longitudinal Seam Welders

TIG / MIG Linear Seam Welder Systems

The ERGO linear seam welder is designed to deliver the highest level of repeatable accuracy using linear rail technology. Whereas traditional seam welder styles use less precise rack and pinion track operations that use cam followers. Linear seam welder operations provide advanced, accurate straight longitudinal welding for critical seam welding applications. Seam welders for sale or rent in stock.

The ERGO seam welder design uses precision linear rails that provide strength to move the travel carriage car smoothly over the straight-line clamped butt weld joint. The seam welder linear style ensures x-ray quality 100% penetration welds over short or long seam welding applications.

Rigid linear seam welding machine technology provides the highest quality longitudinal seam welding machine process successful results.

Linear Seam Welder System

Seam Welder with Power Supply System

Seam welders are used for seam welding together parts that are straight, round or square. Seam weld joining of cylindrical parts like bellows, cones, tanks, pipes, flat sheet plate, vessel cylinders, HVAC sheet metal and more.
ERGO seam welder models are used for seam welding parts of carbon steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, Hastelloy, INCO high alloys. Almost any metal or alloy can use all the seam weld processes on the linear seam welder systems.

Seam Welder Operation Instruction Manual

Who builds custom seam welders? MITUSA Engineering Does...

MITUSA engineers linear seam welders used to butt weld plate joint edges for seam welding fabrication. Seamers using either (I.D.) internal, combination designs or external seam welder machine systems.

Linear rail track provides a much stronger rigid hold for the travel track car which provides a smooth free travel movement with the Ergo TC-3 travel carriage car. The side beam track is machined to a 0.005-inch straightness tolerance, so that the seam will be as close to precision straight as possible. Ensuring a quality longitudinal seam welding process.

MITUSA manufacturing and engineering team defines the quality of seam welding machine systems. MITUSA manufactures advanced arc welding process seam welding machines designed to seam weld thick to thin metal butted joint ends together. Used for joining butt seam weld process of welding metal for a complete part assembly.

Seam Welder Machine

Seam Welder Machines

Seam Welder System Features

  • +/- 0.009” travel accuracy over 1 to 40 feet.
  • Convenient, ergonomic module control center with operator easy access.
  • Power Supply travels with controls on the side beam reducing arc noise.
  • Proprietary ergonomic bladder finger actuator replacement tooling.
  • One single primary power input easy system connection.
  • Precision dual linear rail travel car carriage.
  • Copper water cooled mandrel insert back up bar.
  • Proprietary copper clamping fingers and insert tooling.
  • Direct ground to the seamer bed insert tooling for best arc connection.
  • Foot switch activation of clamping fingers.
  • Single button programmable home position, travel, and weld length.
  • Low profile, easy to move tow motor portable design for weld cell changes.
  • Easy to program UWC seamer system process controller.
  • Unmatched service and support, before, during and after the seam welder sale.

Linear seam welder water cooled mandrel insert provides minimum with our copper, stainless gripping or aluminum clamping finger tooling. The water-cooled feature keeps the seamer bed insert back up bar tooling and fingertips at the optimal temperature for cooling of the weldment during the seam welding process.

Our precision seamer tabletop design will ensure a success outcome for your weld seaming project. The MITUSA seam welded joint proprietary clamp tooling eliminates part heat deformation unlike any other manufacturer's seamer tooling methods.

The ERGO seam welder uses a simple airbag replacement design takes about 2 hours, not days. In some welding bladder can suffer during the MIG (GMAW) welding process, some weld splatter in the seamer bed area will find openings over time. UV light and weld spatter from the arc welding process eventually requires the airbag's replacement.

The airbags can take hours to replace on other brands. The linear seam welder's inflating pressure bladders takes just minutes to replace the damaged airbags and restart seam welding production again quickly.

ERGO LSW Bench seam welder models come in sizes from 1 foot to 4 ft welding length. Custom seam welder designs always available, call us!

  • LSW-12 1 Foot ERGO Model Seam Welder System 12"
  • LSW-18 18 Inch ERGO Model Seam Welder System 1.5"
  • LSW-24 2 Foot ERGO Model Seam Welder System 24"
  • LSW-36 3 Foot ERGO Model Seam Welder System 36"
  • LSW-48 4 Foot ERGO Model Seam Welder System 48"
  • Custom ERGO Seam Welder Systems Available

ERGO seam welder systems are available with all arc welding processes like MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), Plasma (PAW), (SAW) Submerged arc (Sub Arc) seamer equipment integrated for easy seam welding production. ERGO seam welders are incorporated with welding equipment systems pre-installed ready for production after in house run off. We now provide customers complete face time video run-offs for COVID-19 safe practices during the pandemic.

Seam Welder Machine System Overview

ERGO seam welder machines include a quick emergency safety stop button with easy access to ensure the operator’s use and protection. MITUSA seamer designs are all about easy, and safety when it comes to the automated seam welding machine operation.

MITUSA company values the operator's input when it comes to designing and installing the needed options on all our automatic arc seam welding system. The seam welder operators are the best to understand the seam welder and how it is used correctly.

ERGO Safety First Panel

Seam Welder Safety Console

Ask us about our ERGO linear seam welders for sale in stock in Huntington Park California ready to ship. Or let us engineer your company a custom linear seam welder craft by our builders for your specific automated arc seam welding process operation.

ERGO seam welders PDF

ERGO Seam Welder Specifications PDF

Longitudinal Seam Welders Data Sheet

Longitudinal Seam Welders Data Sheet PDF

ERGO Seam Welder Features

ERGO Bench Seam Welders

MITUSA Bench Seam Welders

The ERGO automated longitudinal seam welder design uses precision linear rails that provide strength to move the travel carriage car smoothly over the straight line clamped butt weld joint. The seam welder linear style ensures x-ray quality 100% penetration welds over short or long seam welding applications.

Rigid linear seam welding machine technology provides the highest quality longitudinal seam welding machine process results.

ERGO Longitudinal Seam Welder

Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine Bed

The longitudinal seam welder bed retractable edge alignment devices assist the operator in aligning the part seam over insert center line of the backup bar groove. Linear rails are mounted to the top and bottom of the fabricated track, allowing the side beam track carriage to travel smoothly via four bearing blocks. The track carriage travel car has a series of 3/8 inch - 6 x 2 1/2 pre-drilled holes, tapped to make mounting alignment tool easy.

Seam Welding Operation Features

  • Lowest arc noise reduction design.
  • Compact seam welder design eliminating floor cable tangling.
  • Fastest bladder replacement tooling design in the industry.
  • Single button operation with return home travel.
  • Setup system design for quick weld shop installation.
  • Seam welder operator preferred loading material features.
  • Custom options added quickly to contour for your application.

Unmatched 24/7 Customer Service and Support

All standard or custom MITUSA seam welder models are delivered with industry leading customer service and technical support. We strive to provide our customers the personal service levels other companies no longer offer. MITUSA's company's core values are to ensure our valued customer friends get more than they expected.

MITUSA seam welding automation is known for the highest level of customer service before and after the automatic seamer sale.

Ergonomic Weld Control Access

Easy Access Seamer Weld Controls

The ergonomic straight line seam welder design principles make the ERGO seam welding system operator's job easier with this compact longitudinal seam welder.

The ERGO linear seam welder machine type has a unique design containing proprietary clamping finger mechanism. This provides uniform and consistent clamping hold down alignment.

All of our linear seam welder tooling is machined and manufactured in our machine shop facility for the fastest delivery in the industry.

Ergonomic Seamer Handling Fork Lift Loader

Seam Welder with Ergonomic Fork Lift Placement

ERGO automatic seam welders are designed for easy installation via fork lift base. From delivery truck to a working welding station system in just hours, not days. Lift the sub arc seam welder off of the truck deck and into full production in record time.

MITUSA seam welding machines are designed with optional material handling equipment. Parts loading on and off the seamer bed with part material handling for a completely integrated operation.

The seam welder system are built as a complete automated interfaced systematic operation for on and off part loading from the seamer table-top bed.

Standard or custom ERGO seam welder systems are designed, engineered and built in our Huntington Park California facility. We manufacture our ERGO seam welders complete with integrated weld sequence controllers, Xiris arc welding view cameras, AVC or Arc length controls, cold wire feeders, and more!

Systems for seam welding are incorporated with welding power supplies and feeders from manufactures such as Miller Electric, Lincoln, EBAB, Hobart, Fronius, OTC, Thermal Arc, K-TIG or the welding machines of your choice.

Custom Seam Welder Tooling

Seam Welder Copper Clamping Tooling

Complete with seam welding automation equipment needed for the part's seam weld process requirement. Special riser heights are an option for increased height. Typical lead times range from in stock to 4-8 weeks delivery based on model.

Call 323.312.2002 or email us for pricing, delivery details and any technical information you may need on our inventory of seam welders in stock for sale!!