Longitudinal Planishers

Planishers roller pressure between the mandrel tooling are used for increasing the final weld strength. Additionally it provides smooth blending of the weld crown into the base metal material.
Planishing welds is used to eliminate the costly time-consuming manual grinding and polishing labor, and material costs currently now used to finish seam welds. Linear planishers use new roll technology to ensure the operator safety during the parts finishing process. Safe hands free longitudinal planisher machines for planishing tube surface finish smooth.
Using proper sized planisher harden steel tooling roll and solid tool steel mandrel to prevent the OD/ID part size change. The planishing wheel force cold works by blending to eliminate the weld crown into a seamless weld appearance with adjustable pressure without distorting your parts size.
The motorized longitudinal planisher gantry carriage travels on four linear rail bearing blocks. Powered by a 2 Hp electric motor, the carriage contains an 8 inch/203 mm stroke air ram pump. The hand wheel is used to adjust the ram’s travel. Our automated planisher has special control panel features, plus an a operator safety screen made of expanded metal.
Automated Planishing Machine | Weld Smoothing