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MITUSA Gantry roll planisher machine uses up to 20,000 pounds of pressure between a hard steel roll and the planisher mandrel. The force between the hard planisher roll and steel mandrel tooling >can eliminate the weld bead crown blending into the base metals. Planishing also provides improved weld strength as well as cosmetic look of a no weld smooth appearance on the final flat planished surface.

The supported part's seam weld bead is smashed with roll planishing automation systems using programmable variable pressure settings to smooth the weld bead into the base metal. While using the proper size planisher tooling harden steel roll and solid hard steel mandrel to prevent OD/ID part size change. This will force cold work blending to eliminate the weld crown into a seamless weld appearance with adjustable pressure without distorting your parts size.

weld planisher roll wheel and mandrel close up

Roll Planisher Wheel Face

The motorized planisher gantry carriage travels on four linear rail bearing blocks. Powered by a 2 Hp electric motor, the carriage contains an 8 inch/203mm stroke air ram pump. The hand wheel is used to adjust the ram?s travel. Our gantry weld planisher has special control panel plus operator safety screen made of expanded metal.

planisher weld benefits

Our advanced automated tube and bellows planisher systems provide the highest quality and safety of any thin metal roll planisher built today. MITUSA has the newest technology for engineering and building custom planishers.

Small diameter tubular parts like bellows are perfect for our design of bellows and tube planishing applications where strength and weld bead blending is needed. Special custom design automatic roll planishing machines for thin gage metal small diameter bellows or tubes.

Typical Planishing Applications

  • Stainless Food Handling Equipment
  • Dairy Equipment
  • Bellows
  • Chemical Process Tanks
  • Stainless Pipe Fittings
  • Missile Case Seam Weld
  • Aeronautic Drop Tanks
  • Automotive Sheet Splicing
  • Tractor Wheels
  • Cloth Dyeing Machinery
  • Vacuum Thermos Tanks and Bottles
  • Water Heaters
  • Aircraft Engine Parts
  • Drug Handling Machines
  • Aerospace Parts
  • Metal Furniture
  • Cosmetic Seamless Welds
  • Smoothing weld beads
  • Seam weld cosmetic blending
  • Increasing weld process strength
Gantry Planisher

Our company has proudly been building welding planisher machine designs for over 20 years in the USA. MITUSA enjoys helping customers with special engineered roll planisher systems problem solving. We know weld planishing machines and how to build one for your critical planishing application.

Call 323.312.2002 or email us for pricing, delivery details. Have questions on any technical information you may need when making your weld roll planisher purchase? Call us for help on your planisher machine type.

The planishers roll pressure are used for the final increased weld strength, and the cosmetic smooth blending of the weld crown into the base metal material.

Planishers are used to eliminate the costly time consuming grinding and polishing labor and material costs currently now used. Planishers use new technology to ensure operator safety during the parts finishing process. Safe hands free planisher machines for the weld planishing finishing process done automatically.

Call MITUSA at 323.312.2002 or email us when you need knowledgeable help with planishing parts, or questions about proper seam weld planishing removal. MITUSA planishers are the best quality standard equipment for roll planisher machines, Made in the USA.

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Planishing Weld Benefits Explained

Standard and Custom Types of Planishing Machines for a Smooth Seamless Weld Finish

Planishing Benefits: Planishing roll process machines smooth out the seam weld beads for a blended ID and OD finish on the weldment up to 30 feet long. MIG, (GMAW) TIG, (GTAW) or Plasma Weld (PAW) – any low profile weld crown can be flattened smooth.

Automated PLanisher

Aerospace Precision Planisher With Part Clamping Tooling For Precise Planished Parts

Planishers blend and finish the weld seam smooth OD/ID of the part.

The weld planishing process is a safe fast way to smooth out a weld bead and blend it for a seamless finish look.

The roll planisher uses a hardened steel metal roller to flatten and eliminate the weld bead crown smooth into base metal material. The roll wheel is mounted to an powered travel carriage where extreme pressure between the part and planisher mandral tooling. The amount of intense force created between the planishing machine roll and tooling smooths the weld bead for a cosmetic blend appearance.

The welded part is mounted on the custom mandrel where it remains stationary during the planishing process. Engineered to provide for many part shapes and sizes that can be planished using a combination of different wheel surface profiles or support mandrel geometries.

planisher weld benefits

Planished Welds Are Stronger and Blend Cosmetically To Welded Base Metal

Weld Planisher machines are some of the most useful tools to improve welds cosmetic appearance of parts as well improving the welded metal joint's strength. Welding planishers are often used for everything from aerospace parts and precision devices to common stainless stell kitchen sinks.

long weld gantry planisher

Automated Planishing Machine | Weld Smoothing

MITUSA, Inc. Weld Planisher designs are for carbon, aluminum, stainless welded metal weld bean crown removal. Our company offers standard gantry and longitudinal welding planishers. Or let our engineering group design one for your special welding fabrication application. Planishing is best on thinner gage metals, let us know your planishing fabrication application needs, we can help.

long weld gantry planisher

Planished Welds Are Stronger and Blend Cosmetically To Welded Base Metal

Planishing machine for smoothing away seam weld beads on the OD and ID of the part. This is done while keeping the part's shape true before and after the planishing process. Many weld specifications are now require the part to be planished after the welding process. Rely on MITUSA planishers to provide your company with more than you expected when buying roll planishing machine.

Call 323.312.2002 or email us when ever you need help with a weld planisher part, or seam weld planishing question. Safe smooth weld removal is what we are all about.